As much as this animatronic baby scares the crap out of me, I’m glad it exists

this animatronic baby for a TV reminds me of Eraserhead
This animatronic baby reminds me of Eraserhead. Nevertheless, it’s good that we have something like this.

The mechanical infant was built by Chris Clarke for CNFX Workshop, for use in an unnamed TV series. Gone are the days of using dolls (which did not move) and real babies (which could be dangerous). I’ve always been uncomfortable watching movie/TV scenes of actors holding actual infants. The babies look so fragile; I’m afraid the actors would accidentally drop or harm them in some way.

Plus, sets are usually hot and noisy and filming sometimes involve long hours and several takes of the scenes. Definitely not a conducive place for the little ones.

I’m sure the actors and production staff appreciate a mechanical baby as well, at least after they’re done screaming.

See it in action. It actually moves quite realistically.

Video credit: Chris Clarke


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