Dark Media has acquired The Dose cyberpunk magazine

Damage Von Rock (Editor of The Dose) and Malarackh Von Cyberpunk (editor of Machete Girl)

Damage Von Rock (Editor of The Dose) and Malarackh Von Cyberpunk (editor of Machete Girl)

Dark Media, the creator of Machete Girl Magazine, has acquired the popular online cyberpunk magazine “The Dose”. The Dose has been running since 2006.

“We are looking to try new methods of distribution for the magazine, including setting up an app and as well as providing the pdf version of the magazine and finding more ways of getting the mag out to mobile devices. Dark Media is a good match for us since they have also been running a cyberpunk magazine for over three years and have established themselves as powerhouse for online magazines”, said Damage Von Rock (Mariusz Bari), creator of The Dose.

When asked why he is adding another cyberpunk magazine, Malarackh Von Cyberpunk (Matt Joyce), the creator of Dark Media and editor of Machete Girl Magazine, replied, “Machete Girl and The Dose are two completely different magazines although they both centre around cyberpunk, Machete Girl is a free online publication that you might see as an internet street magazine that’s cool and is hi tech lo life, where The Dose is a much higher calibre magazine, focuses more on the culture and hi tech hi life, both magazines have an immense amount of research that go into them and Damage and I plan to work very hard together to make sure each Magazine remains completely unique.”

The next Issue of The Dose is planned for release in May 2013.



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