Life Armor emergency pods look like giant billiard balls

Japan is no stranger when it comes to tsunamis and earthquakes. As a solution to these natural calamities, Pond Co. in Japan has begun manufacturing and selling these big billiard ball-looking pods called Life Armor.

Life Armor emergency pods

The Life Armor’s spherical shape allows it to disperse external shocks and stress and to thus limit the damage and prevent the pod from rupturing. The use of reinforced plastic keeps weight and cost low and ensures that the emergency shelter will not rust.

Life Armor emergency pod

According to tests, the Life Armor can withstand a 25m drop and up to 9.3T of pressure. The pod weighs 80kg and can float on water. It is 1.2m in diameter and can hold up to four people. A battery powers LED lighting and allows charging of mobile phones. There is also a storage space for water and food.

Life Armor is being sold for 498,000 yen (around USD 5,000).

Image credit: Pond Co.


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  1. I Like To But It, When My Mom Get $5000 With Her Bank Account.

  2. Benjamin J H says:

    Well, by the look of the guys standing in front of it, that would be a cramped shelter.

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