Mars: War Logs game trailers

Mars: War Logs

Mars: War Logs is a third-person cyberpunk RPG set on Mars. Survivors of a great catastrophe huddle in slums and are ruled by Technomancer dictators who control the planet’s water supply. The player controls Roy, the game’s protagonist, who is labeled a renegade, and can develop Roy’s combat style by choosing from dozens of skills and perks: pure combat, stealth and trickery or Technomancer powers. The combat system is real-time, players can create and modify equipment, and dialogue choices and player actions will influence the destiny of the people Roy meets.

The game is developed by Spiders Games and published by Focus Home Interactive. It will feature the clash of technology, supernatural powers, and mystical beings. It is scheduled to launch in spring 2013 on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and PC. Here’s the first trailer for the game:

Recently, Focus and Spiders released a combat trailer for the game, providing a glimpse of the game’s skill tree and some of the powers that can be enabled.


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