Natural Born Smoker: the smoker of the future and his baby

Natural Born Smoker of the future

In 1985, the UK broadcasted an anti-smoking ad set in a dystopian, Blade Runner-esque future. The ad features a Natural Born Smoker — a human evolved to smoke cigarettes without a care. This futuristic man has:

  • a large nose (to filter out the impurities)
  • self-cleaning lungs
  • highly-developed index and middle fingers (for tapping lit cigarettes on ashtrays)
  • smaller ears (because they don’t listen)
  • extra eyelids (to protect the eyes from irritating smoke)
  • in-built resistance from heart disease, lung cancer, and thrombosis.

A follow-up public information film called Teenage Anti-Smoking Baby was released in 1986. This ad shows the Natural Born Smoker as a new parent. The PIF references passive smoking and peer pressure experienced by teenagers. A haunting lullaby music can be heard over the industrial hum of the place and this nursery music ups the creepiness of the sequel.

Video credit: redjambluejam, jpxxl


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