Smart bed makes itself — lazy people everywhere rejoice!

If you find making your bed in the morning a tedious chore, then good news for you. Spanish firm OHEA has come up with a smart bed that will make itself within 50 seconds after you get up.

How does it work? The bottom sheet is attached via Velcro to the mattress cover, keeping the sheet in place. A mechanical arm on each side of the bed includes a roller which carries the blanket to the head of the bed. The pillows are lifted as the blanket approaches, then lowered once the blanket has been placed underneath.

A switch at the foot of the bed allows the bed’s self-straightening function to be set manually or automatically. If you’re too lazy busy to manually activate the bed, you can just set it to ‘automatic’ and the bed will make itself three seconds after you get out of the bed.

For safety reasons, the self-straightening mode won’t activate if pressure is applied or if someone is still in the bed.

See OHEA’s smart bed in action:

The smart beds and their specialty beddings will be available in five sizes beginning next month. Prices will be announced later.

Personally, I don’t think this bed is for me. Sure, the novelty factor is nice. But I like sticking my feet out of the blanket, putting my feet up on a pillow, and hugging another pillow. Besides, the blanket moving by itself makes me feel as if I have a resident ghost in my bedroom. How about you?

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  1. Robi says:

    Awesome! This is really good for working people who arrive home very tired. This bed isn’t for me too, but I just love how the technology can change everything. 😀

  2. Gigi Beleno says:

    wow this is something for the real lazy ones LOL. I think making up your bed after you get up can be a simple exercise in itself as it entails some stretching up and therefore should not be missed.

  3. Mai Flores says:

    Although there are plenty of inventions and innovations as remarkable as this, I don’t think I would be patronizing such a product. I would rather get up from bed and do some stretching of my arms while fixing my bed covers. Don’t want to be that lazy.. hehe!

  4. Franc Ramon says:

    I’m lazy enough to make my bed but I’m sure it’s gonna take tons of hard work just to afford this bed. Also, I might be struggling with the machine pulling my blankets while I sleep.

  5. violy says:

    wow great! but for sure this one will cost a fortune!

  6. OH MY GOD. For real?! I need this in my life.

  7. Rizza says:

    Cool bed! I don’t mind making my own bed though.

    Rizza (beingwell)

  8. I still prefer the good old bed in my room. :))

  9. tatess says:

    I need this bed .I am too lazy to make the bed in the morning when I get up.

  10. people will invent anything and everything that will make life easy.. end result: obesity and much more!

    in fairness, ang galing ng inventor!

  11. Bien says:

    ang galing nito. bagay to sa akin.

  12. Lily says:

    wow. ambilis talaga ng technology. Smart HOUSE, meron? hehe :)

  13. Mark Morfe says:

    Its kinda cool yet I find it weird that it fixes on its own. Also this could have a steep cost which not everyone could own.

  14. Michelle says:

    hah! this is one of the things that will definitely make my life easier. I’m one of those who peeps who have difficulty getting up in the morning, much more making my bed.

  15. Adam says:

    Haha ang ganda naman nitong ganto sana may ganito din ako.

  16. ralph says:

    where can i get one of this… and a child-proof bed too. LOL. Yahweh bless.

  17. Deborah Vignettes of Walking News Paper says:

    wow! this is great! :) i’d love to have one!

  18. Kristel says:

    One word, AMAZING! I have always wished for something like this since childhood. An ideal gift for lazy kids 😉 Bam!

  19. It’s smart bed indeed. I don’t this is for lazy person. This is for a busy person who is in a hurry.

  20. Airra Pingol says:

    omg! i want that one!

  21. rachelle says:

    i admit i’m lazy making my bed but for sure i won’t resort to this one. it’s crazy!

  22. Enzo says:

    This is cool but for sure I can’t afford it so I guess I have to endure making up my bed every morning.

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  25. Really like this! How creative! Can’t wait around to re-dive into your boards!

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