These two Super Bowl robot ads make me sad

depressing GM robot ad in Super Bowl 2007
Ah, bittersweet Super Bowl ads.

This Super Bowl 2010 commercial by Intel makes me sad. Poor Jeffrey! He looks dejected and that bespectacled guy looks like a jerk. Let me hug you, Jeffrey.

Now this one by GM in 2007 is downright depressing and is one of my favorite advertisements of all time. Many people don’t seem to like it, but I like dark and depressing stories so this is a win for me.

The robot loses his job assembling cars just because he dropped a screw. In the outside world, he can’t adjust and keeps failing at his new jobs. Then he sees all these cars on the road, seemingly taunting him and reminding him of the life he once had, until he just can’t take it anymore…Excuse me, I need a tissue.

In the future we might have robots that are able to dream and feel emotions just like a real human being. And who knows, with the population boom we’re now experiencing, perhaps it will be humans who will be so disposable then after all.

Don’t drop the screw!

Screenshot and Video credits: fcxendan, ShortbusTV | Youtube


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