What ever happened to that 40 Gigabit/s Internet connection?

In 2007, 75-year-old Sigbritt Löthberg of Sweden became the object of envy of netizens everywhere for having a 40 Gigabit/s Internet connection at her home. She was new to computers then, and the superfast connection was courtesy of her son Peter Löthberg who was then demonstrating how low-cost, high-speed connections were technically and commercially feasible through the use of a new modulation technique and fibre optics technology.

With the connection set up by Peter, Sigbritt could tune in to 1,500 HDTV channels simultaneously or download a full high definition movie in just two seconds.

In 2008, nine months after her Internet connection had been set up, Mrs. Löthberg was reportedly using the technology geeks would kill for to, well, dry her laundry.

Internetphoto by aubergene

Mrs. Löthberg might not have maximized that awesome thing she got, but I’m sure millions of us definitely would. Still, it has been more than five years already, and I just have to ask…what happened? Why am I not seeing such speeds in commercial and residential Internet connections until now?

I can certainly imagine what I would do with a 40 Gigabit/s connection. What about you, what would you do if your Internet line had that kind of speed?

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  2. ventocoseuss says:

    I’ll build a internet cafe that has high computer specs, then the focus is on gaming and in VOIP, to include video calling, which will be a hit to those with relatives and friends abroad.

    Second, I will accept download and upload requests, of course in exchange of payment. Haha

    Third, I will setup a Wi-Fi router, and then have a very secure connection, which password cannot be cracked by nearly anyone, and have my connection rented, paid per hour. 😀

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